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Before & Afters

Clear Aligners and Teeth Whitening
Teeth bleaching.
Hollywood Smile Makeover!

This patient wanted his smile to reflect his personality, and we went all out for him.

Wrinkle Smoothing.

After her wrinkle smoothing injections, try as she might she is unable to raise her forehead to create those wrinkles now! Instead, she is left with expression that is more youthful.

Teeth Grinding Treatment.
A new beautiful smile!

We love hearing back from our smile makeover patients that they feel as though their new teeth are all their own. It can take some time to get used to having a full mouth of beautiful teeth. However as this patient told us at his recent check up and clean appointment, he now doesn’t even notice the difference anymore, and loves how they look and feel.

Teeth Straightening with Clear Aligners.

Results achieved in less than 12 months!

Smile makeover.

Correcting some previous poor dental work to create a smile he is proud to share! Crowns, bridges, whitening the works, with a great natural smile outcome.

Natural smile makeover.
Reversing the effects of time.

This patient showed us a photo of their teeth when they were younger and requested we recreate their original natural smile.

Smile Makeover.

Overcome your severe dental fear with us too, just like this patient. Her teeth had been bothering her for years, but with crippling dental anxiety she struggled to maintain regular dental visits. With our help, this patient now not only went through a full smile makeover procedure, she also attends regularly for her checkup and clean appointments without fear. Her natural looking smile has given her a new sense of confidence and we love seeing how much she smiles now.