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Checkups & Cleans

It’s really easy to put off having that regular check, but in dentistry it really counts. Attending a check-up every 6 months ensures that we can identify any problems quickly and whilst they are often still small & easy to correct. This means less stress and often less expense to you. Most importantly if you have let it slip, don’t worry, we are not going to pass judgement, we are always glad you have taken the first step to getting things back on track. We have regular appointments as well as out of hours appointments to make it as easy as possible for our patients. Just let our staff know what will suit you best.

Preventative Dentistry Involves:

  • The dentist reviewing a thorough medical and dental history
  • A complete review of all teeth and or dental work and oral health
  • We prefer to take comprehensive X-rays every 2 years as recommended by the ADA. Sometimes X-rays will be taken to diagnose a specific problem or concern as well. If you have concerns about x-rays please discuss it with your dentist, they are always happy to discuss any aspect of your treatment. Our X-rays are digital and allow us to offer very low radiation and instant picture for diagnosis with small sensors to fit easily & comfortably in your mouth.
  • We have an OPG X-ray machine on site should your dental care require this type of x-ray and we offer this service gap free for your convenience. This x-ray is also digital with the same benefits.
  • We use advanced technology for cleaning. Our Air Prophy machine makes light work of any stubborn stains, and is easy to tolerate for even the most anxious of patients. (air prophy link)
  • Sometimes the dentist will refer a patient to our onsite Hygienist for a gentle deep clean. Read more about our Dental Hygiene services.