Dental Implants

For that comfortable, natural-looking solution to missing teeth

Missing teeth can have a negative impact on your dental health.

Missing teeth can be a concern for many of our patients. Dental implants provide a reliable solution for missing teeth, offering durability and a natural appearance.

They closely mimic the look, feel, and function of natural teeth, enabling individuals to consume their preferred foods without concern and regain confidence in their teeth. Implants can effectively replace single or multiple missing teeth and can also support partial or full dentures. Dental implants boast a long lifespan, typically lasting a lifetime, and do not require the use of adhesives for stability.

How do dental implants work?

Each tooth has two parts to it, the root and the crown. Dental implants are used to replace the entire tooth – the root and the crown. A dental implant can be thought of as an artificial root that is locked into the jawbone. Then an artificial crown, bridge or dentures are added to complete the replacement of the missing tooth.

Why choose dental implants?

Dental implants offer many benefits over other approaches for replacing missing teeth, including:

  • A comfortable, natural-looking solution to missing teeth
  • Strong, stable and durable, offering full function
  • Restoration of the normal shape of your smile
  • A permanent solution to missing teeth
  • Reduce speech impediments
  • Denture stabilisation
  • No reliance on, or damage to, surrounding teeth
  • Supports facial structure (addresses the sunken-in look with the lack of teeth)

What should I expect when I choose dental implants?

Dental implant treatment can take three to six months from start to finish and typically follows these steps:

1. Assessment & Diagnosis – we will perform a full examination of your teeth, including x-rays, to get a clear picture of your dental situation. This allows us to assess the best treatment options and identify the precise position for the implant.

2. Implant Surgery – The dental implant is placed during a minor surgical procedure. To ensure your comfort during the procedure, we use anaesthetic or dental sedation techniques.

3. Implant Acceptance – Over the next few months, the bone grows around the implant, securing it in place. This process is called osseointegration, and it is vital to ensuring a secure base for your new tooth.

4. Implant Restoration – Once the implant has been accepted into the bone, we create your new tooth which is secured into the implant. The crown is specially made to look like your other teeth in size, shape and colour, then your new smile is complete.

We will provide important aftercare instructions to ensure your new tooth stands the test of time and you can enjoy a healthy, long-lasting smile.

Why Azura for dental implants?

At Azura Dental, our team go the extra mile to ensure your comfort. Our highly skilled dentists are experienced in dental implants and general and cosmetic dentistry. Each day our mission is to help you regain confidence in your teeth! 

Frequently asked questions

Dental implants are used to replace the roots of missing teeth with a minor surgical procedure. The titanium in the implants integrates with your jawbone, so unlike fixed bridgework or dentures, they won't slip, produce noise, or harm your bone. When integration has occurred your dentist will arrange for the tooth portion to be fabricated and fitted so you have a brand new strong tooth once again
One option for replacing missing teeth permanently is dental implants. This is because the implant acts as a substitute tooth root. Implants can last the rest of your life if properly maintained. After 10-15 years, the tooth replacement, such as a crown or implant-supported denture, may need to be replaced.
As the mouth will be numbed before the procedure, there shouldn't be any pain during the procedure. However, as the numbness subsides, patients can experience no pain at all to mild discomfort. This will subside over the coming days, and in the meantime your dentist may prescribe you some pain relief to assist with your pain management.

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