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Facial Rejuvenation Packages

We offer packages to help rejunvinate your skin to help you look fresh and youthful.

#Turnbacktime Package

3x Micro Needling + CFG Stem Cell Treatments, 4x Facial Peels, 7x LED Light Therapy Treatments

Let us help you turn back the hands of time with our #TBT Facial Rejuvenation Package. This complete skincare rejuvenation package includes 3 MiroNeedling + CGF Stem Cell Treatments, 4 Facial Peels, and a total of 7 LED Light Therapy treatments completed after each MicroNeedling and Facial Peel Session.

We will turn your very own blood into a potent healing solution, which we put right back into your skin, to give the most outstanding rejuvenation you have ever seen. There is no secret why we call this “Liquid Gold” Your own plasma with it’s concentrated growth factors and stem cells is a precious ingredient to allow your skin to turn back the hands of time, and create a youthful, glowing, fuller looking skin.

While each Facial Peel works in harmony to enhance the overall results achieved by removing any dull, lifeless, lacklustre skin, and reveal fresh new ready to glow skin with improved regeneration potential. The LED light therapy boosts your skins natural collagen producing properties. With all of this going on, your skin will be showing you its love by looking the best it ever has, giving you confidence in your skin like never before.

Ask us about our Package Enhancements. You could further your experience by adding in services for your hands and décolletage.

MicroNeedling & CGF Stem Cells Package

Microneedling + CGF Stem Cell Treatments

For optimal results we recommend a minimum of six treatments of MicroNeedling + CGF Stem Cells. We have packages of three sessions including three LED Light Therapy treatments, or six sessions including six LED Light Therapy Treatments for your convenience at a discounted rate. We also have package enhancements on offer which you can utilise with these. Ask our friendly staff for more details.

Package Enhancements

Want to make the most of your package deal? Why not include a Package Enhancement. We offer LED Light Therapy, and Microneedling +CGF Stem Cells for your décolletage or back of hands at a discounted rate when you book in for any of our cosmetic packages. Because we want you to feel amazing about yourself from top to toe. Sometimes our hands or our décolletage give away or even increase our age. Don’t neglect these areas when you are rejuvenating your face, as this will help you look fresh and youthful also.