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General Dentistry

We perform a range of general dentistry treatments to keep your teeth, gums, and you healthy. With regular visits, we can ensure you receive the right treatment and care to help your teeth last a lifetime.

From time to time, routine dental examinations will identify issues that require more extensive treatment like fillings, extractions, crowns and bridges, root canal treatment, implants, or teeth straightening. We take a kind, gentle and informative approach to ensure you have a positive dental experience. No matter your concerns, our expert team is here to ensure your oral health is the best it can be and make your smile shine.

Our dental health needs change throughout our lives, and your treatment should reflect your life stage. For our younger patients, we spend time teaching them about looking after their teeth and making good choices for oral health into adulthood. Older patients may experience a more significant impact on their overall health when dental issues arise if not adequately addressed. Ensuring our older patients continue to maintain a high standard of oral health is very important to us.

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Why Azura Dental?

When you visit us, you will receive first-class dental treatment in a calm, tranquil environment. Our team is highly skilled in helping those who experience anxiety when visiting the dentist to feel comfortable and receive the care they need.

Our priority is to ensure you receive the right treatment and care to help your teeth last a lifetime.


General Dental Treatments

Children’s Dentistry

We are skilled in making visits to the dentist stress-free for children and their parents or guardians! Our child-friendly dentists teach kids about correct brushing techniques and healthy lifestyle choices, helping them develop healthy habits and encourage long term dental health. Read More

Check ups and Cleans

Prevention is the best way to maintain your dental and oral health. Regular check-ups and cleans can identify issues or problem areas early before they require major intervention. Read More

Dental Hygienists

A professional clean with our dental hygienist will change how you feel about coming to the dentist. In our relaxed atmosphere, our hygienist uses gentle techniques such as applying numbing gel, or using hand instruments to clean making sure you experience is as pain free and stress free as possible. Lay back and relax while you feel the calming effect of knowing this clean experience will be like no other you have had before. Read More

Minimum Intervention White Fillings

We are committed to mercury-free dentistry. That’s why we only offer amalgam-free tooth coloured fillings to repair your teeth whether that be a small chip, or something more extensive. Our minimum intervention fillings contain materials that are safer to have in your body and are aesthetically pleasing. Read More

Crowns, bridges and veneers

We use crowns and veneers to save strengthen, and enhance a tooth when a simple white filling will not be enough. Crowns, veneers and bridges last significantly longer than fillings, sometimes up to 25 years, with good oral hygiene and regular dental check-ups. Read More

Dental Implants

Dental Implants are a great alternative to dentures to treat missing teeth. Dental Implants are permanent, strong, blend seamlessly into your existing smile, and don’t require any special cleaning treatment. Read More

Sports Mouthguards

Dental injuries in sport are easily prevented. Wearing mouth protection during contact sports acts as padding for your teeth, head and jaw and helps absorb impact. A custom-made sports mouthguard provides the best protection because it is made especially to fit your unique smile. Read More

Dental Night Guards

Guard against the grind. Excessive grinding or clenching your teeth while you sleep can lead to excessive wear, cracks or fractures, persistent headaches and sensitive teeth. It can even result in permanent damage to your teeth and jaw. Dental Night Guards are a simple, non-invasive treatment that is custom-made just for you. Read More


Dentures don’t just improve your smile. They can also support your facial muscles, improve your speech and allow you to enjoy foods you may have been avoiding due to missing teeth. Over time dentures may become loose or uncomfortable, we recommend regular six-monthly appointments for all denture wearers. Read More

Root Canal Treatments

If you have ever suffered a toothache for even a short time, you will know how uncomfortable it can be. Root Canal treatments are sometimes used to treat prolonged toothaches and extreme tooth decay. We ensure that this treatment is comfortable and virtually pain-free. Read More

Tooth Extraction (Wisdom Teeth Removal)

Tooth extractions, including wisdom teeth removal, are a common dental procedure used to treat many problems. Due to the advances in technology and equipment, this procedure has improved immensely over the years. Read More

Sleep Disordered Breathing

Are you constantly waking up tired? Does your bed partner complain about your snoring? A sleep disordered breathing condition may be affecting the quality of your sleep. The Azura sleep team can help diagnose sleep disordered breathing conditions, arrange simple at-home sleep tests, and explain treatment options. A good nights sleep may be just a phone call away. Read More

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