Enhancing Airway Function during Sleep with Mutes

At Azura, our trained professionals may prescribe Mutes for you to assist in the management of your Sleep Disordered Breathing.

Mutes offer an innovative solution to improve airway function during sleep. These small nasal devices are designed to optimise airflow, providing relief for individuals with sleep-disordered breathing conditions like snoring and mild to moderate obstructive sleep apnoea.

By inserting the device into the nostrils, it creates a gentle pressure that opens up the nasal airways. This expansion allows for improved airflow and helps to prevent the collapse of the sinus walls, ensuring a more consistent and unobstructed breathing pattern during sleep.

Mutes are comfortable and easy to use, non-invasive alternative to surgery to improve sleep quality. At Azura, our practitioners are trained to assist in choosing the right size Mute once they are deemed a suitable solution for you. With their discreet design, Mutes can be comfortably worn throughout the night without causing discomfort or hindering sleep.

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