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Dental Night Guards

Do you suffer from Bruxism, which is excessive grinding or clenching of the teeth? Did you know that this can lead to excessive wear, cracks or fractures on your teeth or fillings and may even cause permanent damage to your teeth and jaw joints? It can occur during the day or night. At night however, we have no conscious control over the clenching or grinding that we do.

You may not even be aware you are doing it. Severe damage from bruxism can leave teeth feeling painful, sensitive to hot and cold, and even cause discolouration. You may notice your teeth getting shorter or you may find you are breaking or dislodging fillings or breaking bits off your own teeth. You may even feel your teeth getting looser. It can lead to significant discomfort and pain in your mouth, your face or the temporomandibular (TMJ) jaw joint.

To prevent or protect from future damage, your dentist may recommend you wear a dental night guard. At Azura, we can custom fit and construct a night guard to provide the best possible protection while you sleep. We’ll take an impression of your teeth with our specialised digital scanner (this replaces the use of messy impressions with that goop we all hate having in our mouths), to get the closest fit so that you’ll end up with a snugly fitting night guard which assists in protecting your teeth against clenching and grinding. Care for your dental night guard by rinsing it in liquid soap and cold water then allowing it to air dry after every use. Make sure you keep it away from reach of your dog, they love to eat them.