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Oral Health Therapist

At Azura we are pleased to offer the services of our Oral Health Therapist. Our therapists can offer dental check-ups, cleans, fissure seals & fillings for all children under the age of 18. They can also assist with x-rays, mouthguards and performing in chair teeth whitening for patients of all ages. Sometimes you may be referred by your dentists for a hygiene clean or periodontal clean & check-up to the therapist.

This allows the dentist to carefully monitor your periodontal condition in order to achieve the best outcome and maintain your dental health. If you have questions about how our Oral Therapists can assist you or your children, feel free to contact our clinic to discuss your needs. Our friendly therapists are always ready & willing to give educational talks at Kindergartens, Schools & parent groups. If you or your organisation are interested in an educational talk, please do not hesitate to contact our reception staff who will assist you with booking one.