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Root Canal Treatment

We always hope that we never have to do (perform) this procedure for our patients, but sometimes decay can progress to involve the nerve of the tooth. Often you will feel pain such as aching in the tooth or jaw or even severe pain, but sometimes you may not even know until your dentist tells you that the decay has gone into the nerve. Root canal treatment should not be painful! Should we find you need to have root canal treatment, we are always here to make the procedure as painless and stress free as we possibly can.

The aim of root canal treatment is to save a tooth that has been badly damaged due to decay, disease or injury. It involves giving anaesthetic so that the procedure is painless and then the dentist removing the (infected) nerve and eventually filling the space with a replacement (Gutta Percha) so it does not become re-infected. Whilst we do some root canal treatment, there are some teeth that are better to be treated by a specialist. We may start the root canal to relieve the pain, but then depending on how complex the root canal treatment will be on the tooth, we may refer you to a specialist. At Azura we choose the specialists we refer to very specifically to suit our patient’s needs, and we work very closely with them to ensure you have the best possible experience.