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Thread Face Lifts

An innovative treatment lifting and rejuvenating the face with no surgery required. Thread Face Lifts, or Cog Thread Lifts, are a less invasive, low recovery time alternative to a traditional face lift. Another added benefit of this type of treatment is that the immediate and long-term results are more subtle. Keeping your youthful look a little more secret than other treatments will. Cog threads are inserted under the skin lifting and holding in position. This is the instant effect you see.

The magic really starts to happen after this initial stage though. The threads drive your body’s collagen production into overtime where the threads are placed. This means your body is repairing loss of volume, & sagging skin right where it is needed. Successfully rejuvenating the appearance of your skin. The threads will safely dissolve over a period of six months, leaving behind the rebuilt collagen and lift effect for approximately two years. For optimal glowing results we highly recommend treating surface layers of skin with MicroNeedling +CGF for most skin types in preparation for this treatment. It helps you to not only have lifted firm skin, but to give you back that lost youthful glow tired lustreless skin. The mono threads are absorbed over approximately a 6-8 month period. They stimulate the natural production of collagen to help firm skin. The collagen production accentuates the effects of the natural looking face lift. There is minimal to no down time with this procedure. Its favoured by people who want the outcome of a face lift or fillers, but with a natural looking finish and minimal invasiveness.