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Thread Facial Rejuvenation

Our Non-Surgical Thread Facial Rejuvenation forces your body to respond with collagen production, revitalising skin, plumping up lost volume and diminishing facial lines and folds. This dramatically improves the appearance and firmness of the skin. Threads, which are fine synthetic fibres made of a material known as PDO (Polydioxanone) are inserted under the skin.

These threads have a long safe and reliable history of being used in this way. We apply these threads under the skin to help replace lost volume by inducing production of our natural collagen, to fight aging and rejuvenate skin condition. The threads themselves will dissolve over time, leaving the effects of the newly built collagen to support your results for up to 2 years. Collagen production takes time, and the effects from this will continue to grow and become more apparent over the 2-3 months following the procedure. A popular alternative to fillers, as the effects are longer lasting, and appear more natural, occurring over a longer period of time.