Skin Rejuvenation options for men and women

Regardless of who you are or where you come from, at Azura we help walk you through the healthy skin options available to you.

As part of our holistic approach, we offer personalised consultations for skin health and rejuvenation. Looking at you as a whole person, and not just your dental needs.

What are Cosmetic Treatments?

Cosmetic treatments allow patients to address skin health, and anti-ageing concerns. We are happy to offer cosmetic consultations to all patients, where our practitioners will address in depth your concerns and desired results, and what options you have available to achieve this. We offer a range of patient focused skin health services to give our patients the options they want when it comes to their health and wellness. Skin health services include addressing facial skin health, texture, elasticity, hydration, age spots, dark circles, scaring, acne scarring, pigmentation, loss of volume, overactive facial muscles, signs of ageing and loss of facial structure.

Your comfort and safety are our number one priority at Azura Dental. We always adhere to the highest recommended standards to ensure your peace of mind. During your initial consultation, we will issue you with a detailed treatment plan and quote outlining all of your options. After your cosmetic treatment Results are individual and as such may vary between patients. Some patients may see results very early after treatments, whilst others may take longer. This is dependent on the type of treatment and individual factors. Treatment may not be successful in some patients.

Why Azura Dental for Cosmetic Treatments?

At Azura Dental, all cosmetic treatments are performed by appropriately trained and qualified health professionals. Our dental and facial aesthetic practitioners have a comprehensive understanding of your facial muscle, nervous system and how these treatments may affect them.

We pride ourselves on delivering natural-looking results for our clients. The key to achieving a natural look with cosmetic treatments lies in the skills of our experienced team and close collaboration with our patients.

Cosmetic Treatments & Injectables

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Our cosmetic procedures are not about changing who you are, but enhancing what you love.