Sports Mouthguards

Comfortable and fitted precisely to you

Growing up in the South Aussie sun, many of us have a passion for sport.

Playing any sport comes with a risk of collision, a tumble or equipment failure. The risk of contact to the face and teeth when this happens can be significant. Sports injuries can result in the loss of a tooth, broken or chipped teeth, jaw fractures, or injuries to the soft tissue in the mouth. The good news is many of these injuries can be prevented by wearing a well-fitting, customised sports mouthguard every time you play or train.

Custom-made sport mouth guards fitted to you

At Azura, we can construct a mouthguard to provide the best possible protection whilst you’re out enjoying your favourite sport. We’ll take a digital impression of your teeth with our specialised digital scanner (this replaces the use of messy impressions with that goop we all hate having in our mouths).

Using this scan, we construct a high-quality mouthguard that fits snugly into your mouth and protects against impact whilst still giving you the ability to talk. Care for your mouthguard by rinsing it in soap and cold water then allowing it to air dry after every use.

Frequently asked questions

The best defence against injury and concussion is a grade 6 custom mouthguard. A custom-fitted mouthguard that has been designed by your dentist makes breathing and speaking a lot easier when wearing your mouthguard. They are also overall a lot more comfortable than their ‘boil- and bite’ counterparts. These are the mouthguards that you can purchase from a chemist or sports store that offer less protection as they are ill fitted and loose in the mouth, which can be dangerous during impact. A well fitted custom fit mouthguard may also help protect from jaw fracture.
The Australian Dental Association recommends a custom-fitted mouthguard for all Australians who participate in contact sport or sports with high risk of dental injury and sports where accidental collision occurs are often responsible for dental trauma, such as cricket, basketball, netball, touch football, and soccer. These sports are considered ‘non-contact’ and yet they also carry risk of accidental collision and contribute to the thousands of adults and children who are treated for dental trauma each year. It is vitally important mouthguards are worn at training sessions and competition days. Many dental injuries are sustained at training sessions every year.
Wearing a mouthguard during contact sports can save you from major injuries in addition to safeguarding your teeth and dental work. By wearing a high-quality mouthguard, you can help prevent or reduce serious outcomes occurring from a blow to the jaw.

Protect your teeth while playing sports

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