Intraoral Camera

Sophisticated and unintrusive imaging.

Each of our surgeries at Azura are equipped with an intra-oral camera.

This very neat pen like device allows the dentist to take pictures (photos) inside your mouth of any areas they would like to investigate. This allows the dentist to focus in on areas that need further investigation, also to change the contrast and to magnify the image to aid in the diagnosis. These photos can be saved in your file for later reference or comparison if any changes occur. This device is also very helpful to allow you to see what the dentist is looking at in your mouth as the dentist can transfer it to the screen for you to be able to easily see and can help when you and your dentist are discussing your treatment.

Frequently asked questions

The majority of dentists and dental hygienists utilise intraoral cameras to inform patients about their oral health. Patients can view the state of their teeth using the camera, which aids the dentist in explaining the condition of the teeth and showing any defects.
In essence, intraoral cameras are tiny, digital cameras that dentists use to take pictures of the mouth in difficult-to-reach places. Your dentist can identify problems that previously wouldn’t be visible to the human eye by taking larger, detailed photos of your teeth, gums, and tissue.

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