Minimum Intervention White Fillings

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When you have a fractured or broken tooth or decay you will require a dental filling to restore it to health and function.

Various materials can be used as fillings but at Azura we use a high quality Nanofilled Composite Resin material which we believe delivers the best results for our patients.

Composite resin is a white or tooth-coloured material with shades that can be matched closely to the colour of your teeth so cosmetically the appearance looks much more natural. A well placed composite resin assists in preservation of the tooth structure as only the affected area of the tooth needs be cleared and filling placed directly into the prepared cavity. These fillings are set straight away following exposure to a curing light so you can chew on them immediately.

Frequently asked questions

A small hole, or cavity, in a tooth is treated by a filling. The decayed tooth structure is first removed by the dentist, and the cavity is then filled with a filling substance restoring the tooth, preventing further damage and restoring function in your mouth.
In order to stop decay before it worsens if left untreated, dentists fill cavities or "holes" in your teeth. If caught early fillings can avoid any pain and possibility of root canal treatment or even losing the tooth. Teeth can maintain their health and regular operation in your mouth with the help of fillings.
Due to heredity, poor oral hygiene, or dietary considerations and some medical conditions some persons are in higher risk groups for dental decay. Fillings are often required in these situations. Many people, though, are in low-risk categories for tooth decay and may never need a filling or have one infrequently. Sometimes you may not even realise you need a filling until your dentist tells you & sometimes you can experience pain or the hole is obvious to the naked eye.

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