EMS Airprophy

Comfortable cleaning using the latest technology

Designed for a No Pain professional clean, EMS airprophy has been designed with patient comfort and care in mind.

Comfortably and effectively removing stains and calculus from teeth, with the benefit of cleaning and polishing in one single procedure. Especially great for those who suffer dental anxiety, or sensory discomfort as the airprophy makes dental cleans quicker and more gentle, alleviating the need for more hand instruments which some patients find difficult. The water used is heated to body temperature, which means less sensitivity. No more messy gritty paste that’s hard to rinse out of your mouth. By utilising the latest technology, we ensure a comfortable clean appointment for all our patients.

Frequently asked questions

Yes, ems airprophy will give you the same professional clean, if not better than with hand instruments alone.
Yes, it is an excellent technique among the most effective solutions now in use for managing and treating gum disease. Also excellent for a quick clean and polish for special occasions like weddings and holidays.
It thoroughly whitens teeth while removing dental plaque, making it the ideal approach to eliminate the stains and discolouration brought on by smoking, drinking red wine, tea, or coffee, or both. Dental implants, veneers, crowns, and bridges can all be used with absolute safety when using Airflow® polishing.
Airflow Tooth Polishing causes no discomfort at all. Abrasive techniques like scaling and polishing can be rather painful. Fortunately, there are more effective and gentler options available for tooth cleaning and polishing procedures.
In contrast to traditional teeth polishing methods, air polishing removes stains from teeth without damaging tooth enamel. It is a delicate treatment that poses no danger of harm when applied to dental implants, crowns, bridges or natural teeth.

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