Ultrasound Guided Injectables

Experience the latest in cosmetic solutions.

A new and improved system for delivering safe and effective cosmetic injections has been rolled out in Azura.

By keeping up with the latest technology advances, our patients are in the safest hands when receiving cosmetic injectables with our Dentists. Ultrasound technology has been used in various other medical procedures for many years. It has now been adapted to assist dentists in accurately administrating wrinkle smoothing injections, dermal filler, and even PDO threads. This is made possible as the latest technology deliverers real-time, high-quality diagnostic images direct to a tablet, painlessly and seamlessly, at chair side, without ionising radiation.

Frequently asked questions

Yes, Ultrasound imaging is much safer than other types of medical imaging procedures.
No, we have kept our prices the same. We have just introduced this technology for safer easier appointments for our patients.
When performed by a trained medical professional the use of ultrasound is very safe. Although the soundwaves used are powerful, this technique has been used successfully for many years and has an impeccable safety record.

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