Tooth Extraction

We support you through your extraction to get you smiling again

We always hope that we never have to do this procedure for our patients, but sometimes life just doesn’t work out that way.

Should we find you need to have a tooth out, we are always here to make the procedure as pain free and stress free as we possibly can. For those extractions that are a little more complex or for wisdom teeth extraction, we can refer you to our carefully selected specialists.

At Azura we choose the specialists we refer to very specifically to suit our patients needs, and we work very closely with them to ensure you have the best possible experience.

Frequently asked questions

The procedure will begin with an anaesthetic for the tooth, gums, and surrounding tissue, whether you undergo a basic or surgical extraction. This helps make the procedure comfortable and usually painless. You could feel a tiny "bite" from the needle at this stage. However, many people report that treatment is comfortable and that any discomfort they have is brief.
Unlike the general mild pain that is expected after a tooth extraction, the pain of a dry socket increases throughout the following days after tooth extraction and often is worse 2 or 3 days after te extraction. Normal healing sockets, in contrast, do not result in any other symptoms and gradually become less painful. Although it can be quite painful, a dry socket is typically not significant. Often it can be well managed by good pain relief, and it will resolve by itself. Sometimes your dentist can place a dressing in the socket to help. A dry socket is not an infection. If you are experiencing signs of an infection such as swelling, redness, temperature, pus draining or bad smell or taste, please see your dentist for assessment.
The majority of tooth extractions entail no actual surgery. However, if a cavity or infection has reached your gums, minor surgery may be necessary to completely remove the bacteria or parts of the tooth.

We strive to make tooth extraction as painless as possible

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